Consumers and Confidence: 3 metrics to boost trust

In an age where consumer metrics can be tapped into easier than a Vermont Maple, there are three key metrics that have eluded the classification of cold hard numbers. 

As AdAge outlines in a recent opinion piece, conversation, sharing and time spent are imperative to gaining and growing consumer confidence.

There are only a few performance metrics that cannot be paid for, and these tried and true engagement metrics should be sought after by marketers looking for trust building in its truest form


Conversation can boost algorithms, drive conversation, and lead users down an organic path to seek out more.


A gesture that carries inherent weight, value, and credibility. Trust and buying decisions for consumers can greatly be enhanced by word of mouth and recommendations.


Time is money as they say. And capturing the attention of an audience where it is spending its time greatly influences the receptiveness and trust in the messages disseminated.

By applying these more abstract metrics alongside more common success numbers, campaigns can get a fuller picture of complete marketing efforts meeting objectives.

“As marketers face the ever-present task of finding ways to build trust among increasingly nuanced subcultures, metrics such as conversation, sharing, and time spent will remain key performance indicators to measure success,” AdAge writes.

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