What’s the difference between AI & Automation

In the world of advertising, both artificial intelligence and automation lead the way in innovative technologies to advance the industry.

As brands and agencies invest resources into both innovations, it makes sense to compare them both to understand the key differentiators between the popular advancements in adtech.


Automation is a broad category that encompasses artificial intelligence, software, robotics and more, to perform a task in a way that minimizes human manual labor.

Automation in Advertising

Utilizing systems to plan, negotiate, buy, report, analyze, and optimize instantly and automatically.

Artificial Inteligence 

AI describes a specific way of automating tasks. In AI, computer systems utilize large amounts of data to mimic human intelligence. AI can then learn, predict, and recommend what to do next.

AI in Advertising

AI solutions within behavioral marketing, contextual marketing, and conversational marketing can all provide crucial information about a target audience without resorting to cookie-based identity solutions. These types of AI help to build personalized customer experiences and target precise audiences.

AI and Automation can have enormous impact in setting apart the brands and agencies that implement them.

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