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We take this decision just as seriously as you do.
That’s why we made welcoming you to Subset simple (:

Work With Us

How We Share

We share ideas, beers, meals and everything that unite us.

How We Teach

Get the opportunity to learn and grow for free.

How We Buddy Up

Paws, fins, tails and pets of all kinds welcome.

How We Live Well

Yoga, full health insurance, even hypnosis and spin!

How We Live Happy

Access art passes and free personal entertainment.

How We Pay To Play

Take your time off, we’re on the honor system.

How We Stay Humble

“You time” means doing what you want.

How We Learn

Learn from the pros with a Masterclass account.

How We Develop Skills

Experience your co-worker’s job & gain a friend.

How We Help Others

True learning comes from giving.

A career in 3 easy steps.

Upload CV/Resume

Show us what you’re made of. Upload your work and be seen.

Search Openings

We have jobs for every skill set. Search below and start showing off.

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Found job you like? Apply for it and we will always reach out.

Grab an exciting job offer and apply now.

We’re constantly creating and offering competitive compensation and awesome working conditions at one of the hottest media companies in Montana and throughout the lower 48.

Why work at Subset?

The number one reason why you should work here is the same reason our clients work with us: Empathy. We have painstakingly designed a culture where everyone can thrive, be heard, and contribute.

If you value that sort of environment then we welcome you too.

Winning with team work.

No, it is not a cliche, great teams win and we can prove it. If you have a drive, like to win, and enjoy the rewards of trying your best…then you will fit right in!

Let's connect

Please email your resume, portfolio or LinkedIn profile and contact information to the department you’d like to apply to:

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