Now more than ever, consumers are open to discovering new brands

In 2021, more than 80 percent of consumers purchased a different brand that their usual choice. This newfound openness to an unfamiliar brand or service can be traced back to a myriad of reasons: supply chain issues, rising prices, and an influx of challenger brands.

Further underlining the trend, is that of those 80 percent open to discovering new brands that took the leap and tried one, a majority of those surveyed said they plan on sticking with the new brand rather than returning to their time-tested alternatives.

So how can a brand capitalize on audiences’ openness and receptiveness to build and maintain brand loyalty among new prospects?

Three ways to maximize branding success are: showcase your brand values, create a seamless brand discovery experience, and allow data to show trends among new consumers.

Brand Values

Audiences are awash with choices. Many choose to support brands whose values are in-line with their own. By showcasing your brand ethos, consumers come away with a more authentic connection and are not only more likely to adopt but turn into a longstanding brand advocate.

Seamless Experience

Brands that embrace content that feels organic in the upper funnel of consumer journey have a leg up on consumer discovery. By designing messaging and media campaigns that match the brand adoption experience. This personalized and fundamental approach ensures that not only more leads are converted but also that customers return in the future.

Data Insights

Not only are upper funnel awareness and engagement campaigns paramount in driving brand discovery, but the data also gleaned from these types of campaigns can work as market research and help to inform all aspects of a brand’s entire marketing plan. By leveraging proper data practices key insights can inform decisioning.

In a world where audiences are more open than ever in listening in what your brand has to offer, it is paramount to listening to these evolving consumers and ensure your brand can offer them something new, and turn brand discovery into brand loyalty.

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