Don’t overlook digital video. All eyes are on the channel and its messages in 2022

There is no escaping digital video these days. The ever-growing channel gets eyeballs, with U.S. adults spending nearly three hours per day viewing digital video content, and that number has been on the rise and is only expected to grow.

This appetite for video content is an opportunity prospect new audiences with the high-impact multimedia format.

To help you hit the play button on video ads, here is a primer on the video channel and messaging tips to drive effectiveness.

What Are In-Stream Video Ads?

In-stream video ads are ads that run before, during, or after other video content (aka pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll). Think of them as the digital video equivalent of a TV commercial.

What Are In-Banner Video Ads?

As you might guess from the name, in-banner video ads are digital video advertisements that play “within” a banner advertisement. You might see one at the top of a webpage, in the middle of an article, or on a sidebar.

How Long is a Typical In-Stream Video Ad?

Typically, an in-stream video ad is either 15 or 30 seconds, with 15 seconds the oft-recommended length. There is some flexibility depending on the channel, however, we have found 15 and 30 spots are this channel’s bread and butter.

Where Can I Place a Digital Video Ad?

Digital video ads placements are widely available across the web — particularly news and information sites, and seemingly everywhere in between. In short, if a website has video content, it almost certainly has the ability to show digital video advertisements.

Tips for Creating Effective Digital Video Ads

Want to create ads that will appeal to and engage digital video viewers? Here are five tips to do just that:

Tip #1: Practice the 5-Second Rule
To skip or not to skip, that is the question. While there is unskippable ad inventory, every video ad should grab the viewers attention within the first 5 seconds or less. Because if you dont, they‘ll skip the rest of the ad or at least tune it out.

Tip #2: Showoff
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth (at 30 frames a second for 15-30 seconds) … we’ll save you the math, but know it is many, many words. In each frame, it is imperative to show, dont tell. Video is most effective as an awareness or branding componentso your brand name and logo need to front and center.

Tip #3: Be a Good Neighbor
Digital video should take into account its surroundings. In order to ensure the messaging doesn’t only feel native to the platform, but can take advantage of the specific advantages of different channels, ads must match the “vibe” of the respective channel. A CTV ad will need to be somewhat different than a programmatic video ad.

Tip #4 Mobilize
Nearly all digital advertising campaigns these days skew toward mobile devices. And as amazing as your video may look on a big screen in all its 4K glory, don’t forget the little guys. When developing video ads make sure they translate to the small screen.  Also, mobile ad placements are more likely to run with the audio off, so keep that in mind as you design its core messaging.

Tip #5: Lights, Camera, ACTION
Remember, this is digital video, and with it there is a ton of targeting at your disposal. Consequently, it is much more likely your ad will resonate with its intended audiences. And, unlike traditional video, these audiences have the ability to take action, so be sure to leverage the digital CTAs at your disposal to drive viewers directly to your destination of choice.


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