Study: Digital Out of Home measures up to video in terms of performance

A digital out-of-home campaign is a dynamic and agile way of increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers.

Adding the digital element to the tried-true previously analog channel creates a ton of opportunity to push the needle with programmatic ad buys.

According to a recent study, further drives home the power of DOOH. In terms of consumer response, digital out of home generates similar action when compared to video and CTV ad placements.

However, despite these similar efficiencies, TV and video ads combine to see 17 times the amount of advertising dollars as DOOH.  And it is only 4.1 percent of the $179 billion spent on all media.

When looking to enhance campaigns with additional awareness dollars don’t overlook the power and untapped potential of DOOH to reach a captive audience on the big screen.


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