Fair Favorites: The top rides, eats, and events from the summertime festivity

In any normal scenario, the smell of grease mixed with manure, getting swindled out of your hard earned dollar, and hearing children scream in terror from all directions might not sound like a great time… unless its fair season! It’s hard to resist the sights, rides, and events that any local annual county fair offers. From monster-sized food to monster sized trucks there is something for just about everybody. Here are just a few of our favorite fair elements in no particular order.


Food and Treats

  1. Dip and Dots! Over-hyped but delicious little ice cream balls make everything better! 
  2. Frosted lemonade! Especially when they get fancy and it’s served in a mason jar. 
  3. Funnel cake – Don’t judge this entry on its looks.  It sorta resembles a pancake if a pancake were a horror movie villain. Plus when covered in enough powdered sugar you’ll quickly disregard its appearance and discover at its core it is just a disc of deliciousness.
  4. Nachos – There are only a few places where the atomic orange goo drizzled on tortilla chips is acceptable. The fair is one of these places (the other being a ball game). A dollop of sour cream and a scattering of picked jalapeno peppers makes this an iconic dish. 
  5. Corn Dog – The deep fried fair food that started it all. Though most fairs have taken the deep fried concept and applied it to pretty much everything (deep fried Oreos, deep fried butter, and the list goes on). The classic corn dog still reigns supreme.


Carnival Rides

  1. Bumper cars, Fair rides are a bit suspect, so we’ll start with one that doesn’t leave the ground. An acceptable outlet for any pent up road rage, just make sure your car is either your favorite color or number, makes the ride all the more satisfying.
  2. The Zipper – Part Ferris wheel, part roller coaster the zipper shaped contraption with apostrophe inspired cars whip the rider back and forth, up and down and around in what can be only described as an unpredictable experience.
  3. The Kamikaze – This pendulum ride swings passengers along two gondola arms in each direction. As riders swing they gain momentum, the pinnacle being totally upside down at the apex.
  4. Anything that spins (Gravitron/Scrambler/RoundUp) Centrifugal force in full force when riding these amusement park legends. Stick to the side and break the laws of physics if only for a little while.


  1. Demolition Derby – Nothing like a fun-filled evening of well-worn cars smashing into each other until only one operational vehicle remains. Pro tip, ear protection is key as mufflers have either been removed and if they haven’t they are among the first items to break off. 
  2. World’s Largest Cow – It seems that every county fair, everywhere, simultaneously has some form of the biggest ever cow/horse/etc. Whatever it might be that you are seeing it seems to have the qualities of a bovine Santa Clause to be everywhere at once. As you stand there gazing at its enormity, you know in your little soul that it probably isn’t “the” largest anything, but it is always impressive, nonetheless.