Scaling your B2B media plan just got a whole lot easier!

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B2B Decision Maker Struggle

You’re not alone, 57% of B2B executives say their biggest challenge is finding targeted prospects to engage. The good news, with Fetch, in a world of possibilities, we guarantee accurate targets on professional and account levels.

B2B Media Buyer Struggle

The truth is that attribution remains one of the greatest unsolved challenges for B2B buyers. But with Fetch, we seamlessly blend all your data silos, to provide precise insights on your prospects’ sales journeys in real-time.

We Hear You.

In a competitive and complex space, we don’t want to over-complicate things.

That’s why we created Fetch.

Finding your audience just got a whole lot easier.

Crafted for conversion success.

We use a human-focused approach that turns a data point to a holistic person. Our real-time insights put you one step closer to conversion with your exact target. See how our approach stacks up in a crowded market.

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Bullseye Approach

Fetch takes any internal CRM list or specific criteria and hones in to identify your target with an accurate holistic profile complete with social, professional, and personal details.


The Fetch process identifies your target across multiple touchpoints and accurately attributes their interactions to eliminate duplications and wasted impressions.

Ethical Intelligence

Above all, Fetch operates with the ethical use of data. We utilize a process for anonymization that prioritizes privacy and protection for your leads.

Seamless Search

No lead is out of reach with Fetch. Don’t lose time or money with bad data or inefficient processes. With Fetch, we deliver direct matches in real-time.

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