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We are changing the way media planners, buyers and brands think about Media.

Planner Media Struggle

Did you know that over 58% of media planners and buyers face this challenge when getting ready to launch? Let us help you get in front of these headaches right away. Talk with someone on our team, who knows how to get results.

Brand Media Struggle

Brands have a specific issues that has made digital brand growth more challenging. However, we have been tracking it for years and have specific solutions for brands looking for better media solutions and partners.

We get it.

We’ve been there. We know you are trying to do less with more and make magic happen.

That’s why we created FOCUS.

Made by media planners for media planners.

Designed to help you win.

Our internal process equips our expert media team with an artificial intelligence engine to drive greater performance and unlock efficiencies. Its algorithmic and machine learning capabilities improve over time.

Viewability Increase0%

CTR Increase0%

Conversion Increase0%

Audience Discovery: Brand Lift0%

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage our artificial intelligence engine to automatically analyze and optimize toward goals.

Data on Demand

Focus distills data in real time by analyzing more than 180 unique data points. Integrated intelligence converts data into actionable information.

Universal Insights

Manage digital campaign’s performance from creation to conversion. Uncover insights to save time, optimize proficiency, and combat errors.

Integrated Intelligence

The platform’s intelligence integrations are designed to maximize every media touchpoint and enhance every audience interaction.

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Take it from us, when you plan with Subset, media becomes a whole lot more exciting. Sign-up and See for yourself. #BestDecisionEver.”