Summertime Gadgets You Really Don’t Need

During the next few days, a popular internet retailer will offer tons of online shopping deals. Though some will focus on the best deals and the biggest discounts, we chose to highlight some of the most unique products available online.

Here are some of the wildest gadgets and gifts you probably don’t need (but are incredibly unusual and attention-grabbing). Happy shopping.



Cooler Scooter

Keeping beverages cold, and reliable transportation, in the past these two things required independent items. Not anymore, the future is now with the Cruzin’ Cooler Scooter from Riding Coolers. Now you can arrive in style and bring ice cold beverages with you.

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Pet Splash Pad

It’s hot and your fur baby wants to be outside. Why not keep them cool, spoil them and get them a splash pad! Available on Amazon and under $40. 

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Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer

And when Fido is done on the splash pad, what better way than to dry them back out than this handy-dandy dog dryer. The Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer, which can be yours for only $69.95 will take your dog from soaked to dry in no time.

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Adult Sized Inflatable Pool

Blistering heat is no fun. Until now! All you need is a pack of High Noons and a body of water to sit in. Grab one of these, invite your pals over, and be the coolest girl (or guy) on the block.

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Chip Fingers

And when you are sitting next to the beach, the river, the lake, or the above adult inflatable pool, who doesn’t get a little bit snacky. When the craving for cheesy poofs arises, you can be ready to conquer it without the dreaded “Cheeto Fingers” with this HANDY – see what we did there – gadget. Chip Fingers will keep the sticky cheese dust off your fingers so you aren’t leaving orange fingerprints everywhere like Chester Cheetah.

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Baby Mop

It is summertime and that inevitably means you and your family are likely spending more time outside. And more time outside means more of the outside will get tracked inside your home. And for those of you that have a free-loading infant lying around doing next to nothing, no better way than to put them to work with the Baby Mop. Have them apply a little extra grease to those knees and elbows and you’ll have your floors sparkling.

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The summer season also means summer travel. And when you are hitting the highway these next two gadgets can make the trip just a little more enjoyable.


For anybody in the car that is not piloting the vehicle is there anything better than time-traveling to your destination? Nothing makes eight hours in the car fly by faster than sleeping for six of them. To aid in your vehicular slumber may we recommend the Ostrichpillow. This pillow apparatus affixes to your head and allows for nap time anywhere.

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Saucemoto Dip Cups

And for those getting a quick bite to eat on the road, gone are the days of forsaking dipping your fries or nuggets for the sake of safety. End sauceless snacks and irresponsible dipping with Saucemoto Dip Clip. These clips affix securely to your car vents for easy and accessible dipping.

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“Photograph” Frame

As we’re all out enjoying the summer season we’ll likely take many photos capturing the memories. And why have these amazing photos be locked away on your photo or worse relegated to the recesses of a photo album.

Display them proudly with this custom, handmade wooden picture frame of Chad Kroeger, lead singer of the Canadian Rock Band Nickelback as depicted in the band’s 2005 music video for their hit song “Photograph” holding a picture frame.” Hopefully when you look at your photograph, it will make you laugh every time.

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