Ten Life Hacks to Try Out This Weekend

Life’s little daily tasks can sometimes be time consuming and down right annoying. Here are ten little life hacks we thought might be useful in your day-to-day.

  1. Add in baking soda when making hard-boiled eggs, it will make them easier to peel.
  2. Mark the end of a roll of tape with a paperclip or bread clip to keep from losing the end.
  3. Start your day with a glass of water, the body is dehydrated after sleeping and it gives you a head start on your daily H20 consumption.
  4. Place a damp paper towel next to you when cutting onions, it will make your eyes sting less.
  5. To quickly unwrinkle clothing, place the clothes in the dryer with a few ice cubes. The cubes will melt and make steam and take the wrinkles out.
  6. You can use a strand of spaghetti to light a candle that has burned too far down in the jar for a match or regular lighter to reach. Just light the spaghetti and use it as an extra long match.
  7. Make your luggage easier to identify by tying a piece of bright fabric to it.  
  8. Doritos can serve as kindling when starting a fire. 
  9. Use a frozen sponge as a makeshift ice pack.
  10. Twenty-five percent of 18 is the same as 18% of 25. Both percentages can be reversed, you can calculate the easier one to find the other. 


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