Localized messaging is effective and privacy-friendly

With cookies set to expire sooner rather than later, marketers cannot rely exclusively on them, and must expand their programmatic playbooks to incorporate additional targeting techniques.

Among the most effective strategies are: contextual and geo-based targeting. They are not only tried-and-true, but often more cost-effective than user ID-based targeting. We’ve already looked at contextual targeting, so here are some ways that advertisers can reach their audiences by using geo-based targeting strategies like location targeting, localized marketing, and geotargeting.

Marketers might overlook the power of location targeting, but it’s hard to overstate. Adverts can personalize brand messages by targeting by country, city, or zip code based on information like language, food, weather, sports teams, music, history, landmarks, and more. Custom creative can be built for specific audiences with this type of targeting (sometimes called “localized marketing”). By using local information, advertisers can personalize their messages without feeling intrusive.

Think about it, this is a cornerstone of fundamental advertising. The local car dealership, the mattress company, or bank with the local or regional spokesperson, this type of messaging resonates because it is localized. Your brand represents them, and where they live. When harnessed correctly this is very powerful in helping to drive engagement and action within a targeted market.

For that reason, ads with localized creative might be some of the most delightful and unobtrusive advertisements consumers can see. Just enough targeted to feel tailored, but not too targeted that it’s creepy. It’s crucial to get that balance right in modern marketing.

So much like contextual targeting, geo-location based targeting with messaging tailored to the market can be a fundamental way to garner advertising results without having to tap into cookie-based audiences. By refreshing up on this often overlooked, yet powerful, strategy campaings can better lock efficiencies and be set up for future success.