Subset’s New Music for the Weekend

You no doubt know your favorite tunes, but there’s always something new to add to your ever-evolving playlists.

This weekend, check out the subset team’s favorite new tracks.

“Brightside” / The Lumineers

“You were tired of Tacoma
I was tired of believing we were right
Losing every other friend
Finding nothing in the afterlife”

“Panhandle Slim” / The Panhandlers
“When you grow like a weed does on a the West Texas plains, you’ll learn to love sunshine”

“Daydreamer” / Flatland Cavalry
“And by the smile upon my face
You’d never thought I’d ever had a doubt”

“Cold Heart” / Elton John
“It’s a human sign when things go wrong”

“Bigger” / Beyonce
“If you feel insignificant, you better think again. Better wake up because you’re part of something way bigger”

Highway Boys / Zach Bryan
“Maybe it’s the feelin’. That I get in my sleep
But all the memories in my mind. Are only mine to keep”

“Holding Back” / Banks
“And while you talk to me
You don’t think I listen, but I do, you see”

“Native Intelligence” / Danny Elfman and Trent Reznor
“I’d like to rejoice
I dream of a choice
To regain a fraction of a life
Not reaction”

“Shotgun” / Soccer Mommy
“And whenever you want me I’ll be around
I’m a bullet in a shotgun waiting to sound”

“Child of God” / Chance the Rapper
“At every corner store, bodega, delicatessen
Stands a big head kid learning delicate lessons”

“Lion’s Heart” / KSHMR, LIT killah & Divine
“Oh, my love, hear that sound
It’s the beat of a lion’s heart”

“Humble Quest” / Maren Morris
I’m on a humble quest
And damn, I do my best”

“Power of Right” / Eddie Vedder
“No escape from her pull of gravitation
She color-blinded sight, she echoed in his eyes”

“The Garden of Eden” / Weezer
“And that’s enough to prove the Goddess really cares
We got a choir of angels singing a lonely song
And I haven’t felt this good
Since velcro sneakers came along”

“Stars” / Dehd
“I know I’ll never make it alone (I ain’t keeping this)
I check the sky for my way back home
Looking for a place I might know”


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