Supercharge your media campaign by pairing programmatic and paid social

Efficiency and precision are essential for today’s modern media campaigns. And two arenas that exploit both to drive performance is programmatic media channels and paid social.

What makes the pairing of these two so potent when working in combination? The short answer is cross-pollination of strategies, optimizations, and insights.

More Powerful Prospecting

Both programmatic and paid social platforms give advertisers the opportunity to tap into vast audiences and then further refine them against valuable segments of potential customers.

As opposed to other media channels, campaigns don’t have to stick with one message and hope for the best. Both programmatic and paid social allow for testing and experimentation. Much like audience targeting, advertisers can also try different types of ad and messaging formats based on audience motivation to better drive desired actions. This is paramount to success as content that an audience finds relevant and engaging will ultimately drive more performance and brand loyalty in the long term.

Cultivating Cross-Channel Engagement and Driving Direct Response

Data built into these platforms allows advertisers to target messages based on demographics, psychographics, and behavioral patterns. This is particularly relevant when it comes to driving traffic to a website.

In addition to allowing you to segment out different types of people based on their actions on your website, you can upload customer or prospect lists and reach these individuals, or you can profile prospects who are very similar to your existing customers.

Charting a Collective Path to Success

The best part of leveraging both programmatic and paid social is increased insight on what is working. By applying learnings across the channels, the campaign has more data to inform its direction. Are certain targets performing well on both platforms? Is there a market that is resonating both in programmatic and paid social.
By concurrently running these channels a campaign can find out what is working much faster then when utilizing them individually. The channels can be applied across the marketing funnel to better drive performance gains.

In the upper funnel, programmatic might drive exposure, while in the middle and bottom funnels, social media might drive performance. Maybe social media is excelling in driving interested audiences to the site and programmatic and retarget those audiences to return and take action. These are examples of how the two can be overlapped to increase overall effectiveness and efficiency.

When using the additional platforms in tandem, campaign productivity can be maximized to reach its fullest potential by harnessing the greater range of strategy and optimization options.