Subset’s Favorite Activities for a spring weekend

Spring is here, which means more time outdoors. If the winter months had you suffering from a bit of cabin fever, here are some top activities to embrace spring and all it has to offer.

Starting an herb and veggie garden –
 One of the things to love about spring is the opportunity to grow things. Having a fresh supply of herbs and veggies on hand is convenient and cost effective. You also can’t beat the taste of home grown produce and the satisfaction that comes from growing something from a seed. As long as you don’t kill it. You can never have enough cilantro and jalapeños!

Evening walks – Getting outside after the work day is one of the best ways to refresh and prepare for the evening and the next day. Now that days are warmer and it’s light later it is easy to sneak in a quick walk around the lake with the dogs, people watching and either listening to music or just the world around you. Walking is one of the best mood lifters.

Tulip Festival – Spending an afternoon outside looking at all the beautiful tulips is a
favorite things to do in spring. The weather is mild, and the colors are vibrant. A tulip festival is a wonderful way to spend a spring day with your family and loved ones.

Picnic – Spring is the perfect season to plan a picnic at the park. Enjoy your favorite food outside in the fresh air, while surrounded by happy kids and dogs running through the newly blossomed trees.

Garage Sale – What’s better than a freshly organized, freshly cleaned living quarters in the springtime? Getting money for all the extra stuff you don’t need. Gather your unwanted things, put up some flyers, connect with your neighbors, and make some cash, all without having to leave your house.

Opening Day – Be it the big leagues, the little leagues, or any of the leagues in between. There is nothing quite like the first pitch of a new baseball season. Every team is undefeated. Buy some peanuts and Cracker Jacks — just don’t forget a light jacket — and enjoy some early-season time at the ballpark.


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