Subset’s Eight Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Whether you were pulling for Los Angeles or Cincinnati during Sunday’s football showdown, one thing we can all agree on is the Big Game features some of the best advertisements of the year.

Here is a rundown of some of the Subset team’s favorites (in no particular order):

YouTube links via the respective brands or USA Today Sports.

1. Coinbase, “Drops by Coinbase”

Rationale: “Simple, but effective.” “Great exercise in minimalist messaging.” “Genius way to translate a TV audience to online site traffic.”

2. Toyota, “Winter Olympics 2022: Brothers”

Rationale: “Heartwarming. Timely tie-in to Winter Olympics. Draws on themes of family, togetherness and overcoming adversity.” 

3. FTX, “Larry David Hates Good Ideas”

Rationale: “Humor. Larry David makes for a fantastic ‘anti-spokesman’. ”

4. Expedia, “Stuff”

Rationale: “Plays on the swell of consumerism and wanderlust of the pandemic era. Experiences trump travel is the take home message, and it works.”

5. Rocket Mortgage, “Barbie’s Dream House”

Rationale: “Anna Kendrick makes everything funny, even the increasingly daunting task of becoming a homeowner.”

6. Google, “Lizzo in Real Tone”

Rationale: “Promotes inclusivity and being able to capture my loved ones in photos exactly as they are.”

7. Pringles, “Stuck In”

Rationale: “Funny, AND relatable, who among us hasn’t gotten their hand stuck in a Pringles tube.”

8. SalesForce, “New Frontier”

Rationale: “Pure message, with proper dose of humor. Embraces humanity and togetherness.”

To rewatch all the ads, visit USA Today’s Ad Meter 2022 playlist on YouTube.


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