The Dogs of Subset

Since it’s National Dog Day, we figured we’d honor our own personal furry friends. Whether out for a walk in the wild or sitting at our feet while we write blog posts, these little guys bring us joy whenever they are around. Below are the individual dossiers of the “Dogs of Subset”.



  • A goofy chocolate golden doodle who has a forbidden love affair with TV remotes. He sounds aggressive but is afraid of Roomba. Murphy is a good boy, depending on who you ask. 🙂



  • This Golden Doodle is a big fan of rolling in the grass, chasing leaves and eating ice cubes.


Oliver and Bootsie

  • They are the best of friends. They love frisbees, naps, people watching, and their own couch. They like to cause trouble and have more energy than any dog ever known.


Just a pair of good doggos



  • He goes by Zigmund and spends 90% of his day on the couch



  • This mighty Newfoundland will be 7 in September. She loves belly rubs, rolling in the grass, watching over the kids & burying bones.



  • The lion photo was taken prior to the amazon commercial… so technically the first ever.



  • This old boy his blessed with the temperament of an angry elderly man. He spends his days sitting at a distance from everybody and silently judging everything they do, knowing he could do it better if he wanted to. No cuddles, just judgement.