Trendset: Contextual re-emerging as a top targeting tactic

With third-party cookies as we know them set to sunset soon, digital marketers are scrambling to develop new identifiers and tracking technologies to leverage moving forward.

However, one tried and true targeting method, is available now and into the future.  Contextual targeting is a huge existing opportunity for brands to build exposure and engagement with prospective consumers in ways that were limited by an over-reliance on cookie-based tactics.

Based on recent studies, consumers overwhelmingly prefer contextually relevant brand interactions. These types of placements tap into the present and align with immediate behaviors rather than relying on past actions or browsing habits.

Marketers who embrace contextual data have an advantage in fostering substantial connections with audiences. By leveraging these types of interactions brands can create a deeper sense of brand loyalty and brand advocacy among their prospective customers’ journey into long-lasting clients.

As the industry continues to find solutions to third-party cookies, campaigns still have contextual targeting in the toolbox as a major and meaningful tactic to drive awareness, engagement, and action both here and now and well into the future


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