TrendSet: Creative advertising to reclaim its foundational role

Compelling messaging has always been a foundational component of effective advertising. However, in recent years technological advances and capability enhancements have led many in the advertising industry to solely focus in on media.

Modern optimizations such as: smarter targeting, omnichannel expansion, algorithm hacks, and increasingly detailed reporting have all become paramount to advertisers. While this progress on the media side has been beneficial it has been often to the determent of creative messaging.

Even with the most advanced tech integrations maximizing media efficiency and effectiveness, an ad’s performance backbone still lies its creative message. With that messaging needing to be relatable and having the ability to resonate. Performance ceilings will always be limited due to ads exhibiting subpar creative. No matter the tech or the team behind it, technology will never be able to mitigate poor and underwhelming ad messages.

Now is a time to collectively assess and re-evaluate campaign performance and results and the driving forces behind each and give creative its due. Luckily. the myriad of data that is available through media advances is easily applied to creative messaging. Campaign initialization, optimizations and updates are all informed through data insights and creative messaging can greatly benefit from this same approach.

By creating well-designed messaging iterations, advertisers can predict, react, and better tailor their ad sets to their specialized audiences and specific objectives.


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