TrendSet: DOOH’s full-screen ad experience set to spike

Many in the digital advertising space like to refer to display placements as “digital billboards.”

However, in 2022, a different type of digital billboard is getting more and more attention.

Amid a challenging period for the medium, digital out of home (DOOH) advertising is spiking as advertisers seek ways to target consumers who are once again on the go. In the U.S., total spending within the channel is expected to exceed $2.5B, as more and more digital advertising billboards are accessible in cities across the globe.

Part of the appeal of DOOH spend is their wide reach, being immune to ad blockers, and residing in non-invasive environments. Another reason more and more advertisers are investing in DOOH is because it is a cutting edge take on a tried-and-true advertising medium. By incorporating a one-to-many approach alongside the one-to-one approach often leveraged in other channels, using this technology, brands can tap into societal, cultural, and environmental trends in real-time, and reach a mass audience with relevant campaigns as consumers navigate their daily lives.

This channel also opens up new creative possibilities, as brands can develop meaningful, eye-catching experiences that leave a lasting impression on consumers. It is clear that this channel is becoming a compelling disruptor for brands and advertisers.


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