TrendSet: Volume is Turning Up on Digital Audio

In recent years, digital advertising has primarily been a visual-first experience. But due to on-going fatigue from being glued to smartphones, and digital nomads working from home on desktops and laptops, many audiences are overloaded by the ever-present optic onslaught.

Because of this, many seek refuge in the form of audio content. This welcomed escape has been becoming increasingly tangible. Listeners on average spend more than an hour and a half per day consuming digital audio content, even outpacing social media consumption.

This channel represents a reprieve from screens, where messages can resonate differently among targeted audiences. And not only is the message different, but the timing of audio ads also represents increased opportunities to reach people across their customer journeys.

Be it listening to a podcast during a commute, enjoying to a playlist during a workout session, or unwinding with some tunes after dinner, audiences are here to hear. This makes digital audio ads both unique and highly valuable as they offer premium environments and an effective way to fill otherwise untouchable voids in the user’s buying journey.

In addition to these advantages, digital audio targeting can be tuned in to a granular level much like its other programmatic cohorts. Advertisers can unlock advanced audience segmentation parameters, including location, point of interest, device, weather, user, agent, format, genre, day parting, mood, and more.

Now more than ever audiences are listening, and it is now up to advertisers to listen to their audiences and increase implementation of digital radio.

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